Snow and Ice Removal Policy #2023-001

Please click on the link to read the new Snow and Ice Removal Policy for the Village.

There will be no snow removal on roads, sidewalks or alleyways outside of regular operating hours (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.) except in the case of extreme weather events. In the event of a blizzard, ice storm or other extreme weather, the roads will be cleared for emergency vehicle access.

Please note — residents will be expected to clear the snow on municipal sidewalks in front of their properties on weekends and holidays. Public Works will clear sidewalks as a Priority 2 task once all roadways are cleared during regular working hours. Please help the Village maintain safe sidewalks by ensuring there is no excess snow and ice build up over the weekends and holidays.

Public Works will aim to provide conditions throughout the Village that are adequate for reasonable winter driving conditions. It is expected that vehicles are properly equiped for winter driving conditions and operated in a responsible manner.

Please use safety and common sense when heading out on the roads and sidewalks this winter season. If you notice any areas that could use clearing or plowing, please call the Village office at 403-643-3595 or email The Village Facebook page is not monitored and should not be used to request public works services.

Public Hearing Date Change


The Village of Carmangay Council will be holding a

Public Hearing on

Wednesday, December 21 at 6 p.m.

at the Carmangay Community Centre

to discuss Bylaw #827 – Borrowing Bylaw and Bylaw #830 – Public Notification Bylaw.

  • Bylaw #827 – Borrowing Bylaw authorizes the Council of the Village of Carmangay to incur indebtedness by the issuance of a debenture in the amount of $395,000 (three hundred ninety-five thousand dollars) for the purpose of completion of the water pumphouse upgrade and distribution connection. 

The Public Hearing will start at 6 p.m. at the Community Centre and the regular Village of Carmangay Council meeting will start immediately after the Public Hearing concludes.

Bylaw #827 Information

For more information on the proposed water project in the Village, please read below:

Recent inspections of the Village’s existing water distribution pumphouse and waterline from the pumphouse have presented several deficiencies. The existing water distribution pumphouse is located across the CP rail tracks from the vast majority of the Village including critical infrastructure.  

Existing water system details in the area are also not well documented, however available record information on the CP rail crossing indicates that the original wood stave construction remains.  This infrastructure pre-dates the current regional water supply and the previously decommissioned water treatment plant.

Village staff were unable to complete a physical investigation of the condition of the waterline without significant risk of catastrophic failure. The nature and placement of the waterline are such that failure represents significant risk to the Village water supply and active rail infrastructure in a location that is not conducive to emergency repair or temporary piping solutions.

As a result, the Village applied to receive funding under the Alberta Water/Wastewater Partnership program in early 2022 for replacement of the railway crossing and upgrades to the pumphouse.

Grant funding was received in the amount of $1,185,000, with the total cost of the project expected to be $1,580,000.  The Village is responsible to provide 25% of the costs of the project under the grant funding guidelines, which is $395,000. 

The detailed design of the upgrades has commenced, and construction is scheduled for summer 2023.

For the full text of Bylaw #827 please click on this link

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

Did you know: Eligible senior homeowners can defer all or part of their municipal property taxes with a low-interest home equity loan.

The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program allows eligible senior homeowners to voluntarily defer all or part of their residential property taxes, including the education tax portion. This is done through a low-interest home equity loan with the Government of Alberta.

If you qualify, Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program will pay your residential property taxes directly to your municipality on your behalf.

For more information please visit: Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program |